As a non-profit, 100% of profits goes to a charity of your choice!

Our Model

eTruism (ee-tru-ism) is a 501(c)3 non-profit started in 2018 as an extension of a project started by classmates at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  The objective was to address the growing environmental waste created by excess inventories from the fashion industry that often ended up in landfills.  Our solution was to create a non-profit that could aggregate these inventory donations, repurpose them to other charities, and/or monetize them into charitable funding.  We are able to accomplish this by bringing donations from our network of fashion companies and connecting them to our network of charities that utilize them for their charitable work.  In addition, eTruism sells these products online at and offline at our pop-up shops where 100% of the sales proceeds are redirected to various charities and causes.  eTruism is currently run 100% by volunteers and operational sponsorships provided by generous individuals and corporations.  

How does eTruism work?

We set out to overcome a simple barrier that often prevents both companies and individuals from giving – Cash.  What if we could take inventory off the hands of companies that no longer need them, give the companies a great tax benefit, and convert this to cash by offering great everyday products to consumers? As we scale and build a marketplace, customers would be able to find the things they need.  100% of the profits from the purchase will go to a charity of their choice.  We give the power to the customers.  The customer tells us where they want their dollars to have social impact.


We hope other companies and customers will join in and help us direct millions of dollars to those charities doing amazing work.  Please contact us if you or someone you know has a company that would be interested in donating inventory to our cause.  Please tell your friends, family, and coworkers about our campaign and help us give more to those organizations who have committed to having social impact.


How is it possible that you can give 100% of profits to charity?

Donating Companies: We provide a tax friendly Inventory Management option for donating companies.  Companies can donate their excess or obsolete inventory and use the donation as a tax deduction for their corporation.  At times, the allowable charitable deduction can be greater than the cost of selling, cost of disposing, or cost of holding the inventory.


eTruism Shoppers: Our customers get new products at great prices.  Most importantly, customers can shop knowing that 100% of profits from their purchase will go directly to the charity of their choice!  Customers benefit by receiving great products while giving to great charitable causes. 


Charitable Organizations: The Charities and their causes benefit the most by receiving the funding they need for their projects.  All the charities listed on our site have received an A- or better on the Top-Rated list of  This ensures that the charities best utilize the funding we provide and the funding goes directly to the intended cause and purpose.