As a non-profit, 100% of profits goes to a charity of your choice!

Our Team

We're mission driven not profit driven!

Charles Lee / Founder

“How can we change the behavior of businesses and individuals so that giving isn't so burdensome? Our goal was to integrate giving to daily activities to increase funding amounts and frequency. If we could do this, we could have real impact in supporting those who everyday, dedicate themselves to helping and changing the lives of millions.”

Jin Myung / CMO

“I feel privileged to work for eTruism because as a Mother, I have always been concerned with children's hunger and well-being worldwide. Through eTruism, I hope we can take part in providing children a safe and stable environment to grow. Let's make a real difference together!”

Brieanna Alari / Operation Manager & Marketing Assistant

“Working at eTruism has taught me about the importance of being an advocate for change. Donating is only the first step, but actually going out, connecting and interacting with our charities and our surrounding communities is where the real work is done. I'm glad to be apart of an organization who doesn't just talk the talk, but who walks the walk.

Juan Esteban Serna Vega / Business Development Manager

“After years working in manufacturing business, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful people for a shared purpose: give back to the community. We should always make time to help and make the difference.”

Aurelie Marin / Social Media & Marketing Manager

“After studying business in the luxury industry, I wanted to have an experience that combined my passion for fashion and my desire to make an impactful difference in people’s lives. Working at eTruism is the perfect opportunity for that and I feel proud to be a part of a company with a great concept and goal to help people.”

Benjamin Park / Graphic Designer and Print Media

“I am hard hearing/full deaf and I’m supporting eTruism and would like to help people to learn how to ASL (American Sign Language). I believe in supporting others like me to have better access to job opportunities and learning about those who use ASL.”

Antonia Calvin / Mobile Store Manager

“I am pleased to be a part of the eTruism team. My goal is to obtain knowledge in business management through my opportunity with eTruism mobile store that can help me with my career goals in entertainment. My philanthropic passion is in mentoring foster children and making an impact in children's lives for the better.”

Jose Flores Morales / Mobile Store Builder

“I am grateful to use my experience in construction to volunteer my services with eTruism. Being a parent, I appreciate eTruism’s work to support and fund various charities to help low income families and children.”