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eTruism + Children's Hunger Fund Partnership

July 09, 2018

eTruism + Children's Hunger Fund Partnership

   eTruism is excited to announce their official partnership with Children's Hunger Fund, an A+ rated charity on, who since 1991 has distributed over 1 billion dollars in food and other aid to suffering children and has served more than 20 million children across America and around the world.

  Following the two non-profits' partnership, the eTruism team was given the opportunity to visit and learn more about Children’s Hunger Fund at their California location in sunny Los Angeles.

  eTruism toured the Children’s Hunger Fund’s warehouse facility where workers and volunteers spend their days preparing “Food Paks.” They learned that the Children’s Hunger Fund's Food Paks are boxes that contain about 48 meals and are designed to supplement a family of four for a week; each meal costs just 25 cents.

  After touring the warehouse, eTruism was given a sneak-preview tour inside the Children’s Hunger Fund’s new Poverty Encounter, which is an interactive, educational, and immersive experience that brings awareness to the suffering faced by millions of children around the world. The Poverty Encounter is unique to the Children’s Hunger Fund’s Los Angeles location and is scheduled to open to the public later this year. 

  “We are truly inspired and humbled by our visit to Children’s Hunger Fund,” says eTruism Business Development Manager, Laura Pullen. “Although heart-breaking to see the billions of children that suffer from hunger and poverty, it’s equally as uplifting to see the Children’s Hunger Fund’s warehouse stocked with meals and supplies that will make a huge, positive impact on billions of starving and impoverished children around the world.”

  Pullen adds, “Our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund makes what we do at even more meaningful, and I am excited to be able to give people the ability to help Children's Hunger Fund feed hungry children across America and around the world with just the click of a button.”


   From eTruism to Children’s Hunger Fund, we send a big thank you for all that you do. We are so excited to see the positive impact we all can make for starving and impoverished kids here in America and abroad!

Shop and direct 100% of profits from your purchase to Children’s Hunger Fund at checkout. Your purchase will directly fund the assembly and delivery of Food Paks, which feed starving children in your local community and abroad. With your altruism, we can end hunger together! 

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