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eTruism + Scholarship America Partnership

July 23, 2018 2 Comments

eTruism + Scholarship America Partnership

     Almost half of students who start college do not graduate; a significant reason for this is because many students cannot afford to stay in school. To help more students succeed in school, eTruism teamed up with Scholarship America, an A+ rated charity on, who mobilizes America through scholarships and other educational support to make higher-education success possible for all.

     Since their founding date in 1958, Scholarship America has distributed $4 billion dollars to more than 2.4 million students; in addition, they manage 13,000 unique scholarship programs, serve students in thousands of communities across America, provide assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, and even advocate for programs and policies that advance equity in higher education.

     In April of this year, Scholarship America announced their 2018 Dream Award Recipients. The Dream Award is awarded to students who have financial need and who have overcome barriers to successfully start their college education. This year, 12 students from across the nation were selected to receive the Dream Award, which will be renewed and increase in amount yearly.

     In addition, Scholarship America created a National Disaster Relief Fund in 2005 to help students in communities affected by Hurricane Katrina (and the three other hurricanes that occurred that year). This year, Scholarship America donated $200,000 from the National Disaster Relief Fund to college students affected by Hurricane Harvey in the form of grants, which were awarded to post-secondary institutions in impacted areas within Texas and Louisiana. Students experiencing financial hardship received up to $1000 in financial help to help with tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, or other education-related expenses.

From to Scholarship America, we extend a big thank you for all that you do. We are so excited to help make higher education success possible for all students!

Shop and direct 100% of profits from your purchase to Scholarship America at checkout. Your purchase will directly fund Scholarship America’s efforts to make post-secondary success possible for all students. With your altruism, we can help Scholarship America mobilize America through scholarships and other educational support to help all students achieve their educational dreams!

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Will Smith
Will Smith

March 14, 2019

That’s great. would like to share about scholarship. Please see this

Bridge consultants
Bridge consultants

November 12, 2018

I am from bridge consultants from India working on study abroad program. we have students searching for scholarship in international university.please guide us how we can associate with you to provide our students more scholarship.

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